Tan -Y- Lan Fach

Holiday Cottages

Church Road, Llangain,

Carmarthenshire, West Wales

SA33 5BB

01267-241 579


Green Tech

Our goal is to improve each visitor’s experience and to make each individual holiday in our self-contained cottages more sustainable and eco-friendly. We decided to improve our cottages by converting the heating system to green sources and also to extend the two cottage properties to include a cleverly designed glass fronted porch area, in character with the existing size of the cottages.

We took the opportunity to install a new ground source heat pump and solar thermal system to replace the existing off grid LPG heating system with a much more economical and ecologically friendly system. The ground source heat pump (borehole) and a standalone solar thermal hot water system now delivers all the heating and hot water to both cottages.  At the front of the existing two holiday cottages a glass fronted porch area with slated roof (fully double glazed), has been created to improve the accommodation facilities and to take advantage of the beautiful surroundings. This gives more storage space for boots, coats etc and also creating a heat buffer zone between the living space and outdoors, whilst maximizing the solar gain qualities of heating space  All this adds to the maximum efficiency of heating the properties during, the worst of the winter months.  

The installation of the new and existing renewable energy technologies and the building of the porch areas will work hand in hand to reduce the carbon footprint of each holiday.